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richviewpark_01Annual meeting to be held at Town East Baptist Church soon, Elections will be held.

Annual Dues are Due, along with any past due years. Dues are payable on Jan 1 of each year, as of 2017, dues are $39.00 for each unit owned.   

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Richview Park is a Great Neighborhood

Please remember, these homes are Private Property. Richview Park is not an Apartment Complex.

Below are some rules from the Deed Restrictions, which apply to all owners, tenants, and guests in Richview Park.


1. Garbage Collection is on MONDAY. Trash Containers and Recycling Bins must be retrieved after collection, and placed out of sight.

2. Parking is very limited in Richview Park. Most homes have only TWO parking spaces.

You can legally park on the street, as long as you do not park in intersections, on sidewalks, block mailboxes, or park in front of fire hydrants. These actions can result in Fines and/or Towing. If you block driveways, or clog streets, you also face towing.

Advise your guests that they cannot park in "any available space". Parking in a neighbor's driveway may result in towing; and under some circumstances, it may constitute criminal trespass.

3. Parties, Noise, and Disturbing the Peace. The majority of residents in Richview Park are State workers, professionals, and serious college students. This is NOT the place for loud partying or other disruptive behavior.  TPD has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Parties and Disturbances - they will cite or arrest someone.

4. Clutter, Debris, Un-Mowed Yards, and other Nuisances.

Richview Park is a well-kept neighborhood. Please join your neighbors in keeping yards mowed, keeping yards and porches free of clutter, and not throwing junk or yard waste on the curb except on Collection Days (see the City Website for pick-up days).

5. Trailers, Boats, RV's, Campers, etc. are NOT allowed to be parked or stored in Richview Park.

6. Exterior Appearance of your Home may not be changed in any way, without Written Consent of the Richview Park Homeowners' Association Board of Directors. This includes painting, porch columns, shutters, roof styles, banners, fences, or any other physical change to the appearance of your property.

7. Speeding, Careless Driving, and Loud Music in Cars. These are all violations of the Law. There are many pedestrians, dog-walkers, and others in Richview Park. Drive Carefully, please.

8. Dog-Walkers must carry a pooper scooper. The Holding Pond area on the northeast corner of the neighborhood (City Property) is a great place to let your dogs exercise.


My Neighbor is Causing Problems - What Can I Do?

Dogs Running Loose, Loud Parties, Cars Parked in My Yard, Neighbor Won't Cut the Grass, Illegal Activities, etc.

For violations of The Law,
Contact the Appropriate Law Enforcement Agency

  • Tallahassee Police Department 891-4200


  • Report Trouble to the City


  • Animal Control 850-891-2950


  • Broken-Down Cars, Yards not Mowed 850-891-6500


  • Burned out Street Lights 850-891-4968


  • City Website


  • Code Enforcement

For Deed Restriction Issues (my neighbor parked a Boat Trailer in his driveway; my neighbor painted his house a Bizarre Color, etc.),
use the Contact Us Button on the right side of this page.


Posted Speed Limit is 25 MPH

There are many pedestrians in Richview Park.
* * * Thanks for using Caution and obeying the Speed Limit * * * *

Speed Limits on Nearby Streets:  be aware that Tallahassee Police Department is seriously enforcing the 35 MPH speed limit on Park Avenue and Blair Stone Road. TPD Motorcycle Officers and Squad Cars are frequently parked at the Bridge over the Black Lake, they are parked near Reece Park Lane, and at several other locations. Observe the speed limit and save yourself an expensive speeding ticket.


Trash Cans and Recycle Bins cannot be Left in Front of Houses

Trash Collection Day is Monday.

The Deed Restrictions require that Trash Containers "... be kept out of sight of the neighbors and other residents ..."
Please move your Trash Containers toward the back of your house,
excepting MONDAY which is Collection Day.

For Collection Days for Bulky Items and Yard Waste,
please visit the City Website (see Useful Links on the right side of this page),
or contact City Utilities. 

 The City will NOT pick up Electronic Items or Environmental Hazards.  This includes Microwave Ovens, Computers, TV Sets, Automobile Tires, Car Batteries.  Visit City of Tallahassee website for Disposal of these items.




Richview Park
Post Office Box 15512
Tallahassee, Florida 32317



2016 Homeowners Dues Notice:

Annual Homeowners Dues for Year 2016 = $37.50