Richview Park Homeowners' Association

Tallahassee, Florida 

Updated 9/17/18 - Our next HOA Meeting has been postponed until further notice - check this website for updates, e-mail with questions/concerns in interim.   For banks: HOA Insurance contact is (850) 386-1922 - Doug Crowley Ins.


Dues for 2018 are $40.95.

2018 Dues are Due, along with any other past due years. Dues are payable on Jan 1 of each year, 2017 dues were $39.00 for each unit owned.   

Pay Your Dues Online!

If you pay via PayPal, please remember to the PayPal transaction FEE must be paid by homeowner, not the HOA.  Pay with Credit or Debit Card, or from your Checking Account. Address =  Home owner pays any PayPal fee.  

We do NOT accept for payment. 

You may also mail a Check or Money Order to: 

Richview Park 
Post Office Box 15512
Tallahassee, Florida 32317



Bank/Mortgage company/Title Company Related Info:

Q: I’m refinancing/selling my house and my bank/mortgage lender needs to know if the HOA has insurance and with whom?   

A: Yes, the HOA is insured with Doug Crowley Insurance, 2814 Remington Green Cir, Tallahassee, FL 32308. (850) 386-1922.  


Q: Where can my bank request an ‘Estoppel Letter’, and is there a fee for generating the letter?  

A: Email Yes, there is a $50 fee, payable to Richview Park HOA, PO Box 15512, Tallahassee, FL 32317.

Q: Does the HOA need to pre-approve tenants/rental/sale/purchase of home?  

A: No.

Q: Can I contact the subdivision developer?  

A: No, the Corporation (Hillcrest Housing, Inc) no longer exists.

Q: Are you a non-profit?  

A: No, we are a Corporation (Inc.).  We could convert, but the process is expensive.

Q: Does the HOA / developer own any units?  

A: No.

Q: What % are rented vs owner occupied?  

A: About 60% are owner-occupied.

Q: Does any one person own more than a handful of townhomes for rental?  

A: No, the most any one person/entity owns is 9 units.

Q: Does the HOA own any land?

A: No.

Q: Does the HOA own any buildings?

A: No.

Q: Does the HOA own any structures?

A: Yes, the brick walls.

Q: Does the HOA rent any facilities or have income generating devices like coin laundry, vending machines, clubhouse rentals, stock holdings, interest bearing accounts, etc?  

A: No.

Q: Is our subdivision a PUD?  

A: Yes.

Q: How many units are there in the HOA / subdivision?  

A: 154. About 60 are rentals.

Q: Does the HOA have an office?  

A: No.

Q: When was the HOA formed?  

A: 03/27/1991

Q: What is your HOA Tax ID? 

A: 59-3243208

Q: Does the HOA board get paid?  

A: Historically no, we have all been volunteers, please be kind.  However, annually we vote on this matter, and member(s) could be paid in any given year.

Q: Who owns the land/buffer areas surrounding the subdividision? 

A: The City owns the entrance land in front and the drainage ditch in back.  The subdivision’s Builder owns the back, side and front side common buffer areas, but they don’t maintain it (nor does anyone else).  The Church does NOT own/maintain any land that buffers the HOA.  The HOA owns the brick entrance wall/affixed lighting/landscaping equipment only.  The HOA cannot legally maintain the buffer area land as it might technically be considered 'trespassing' on privately owned property.


Q: What do my dues pay for? 

A: Entrance utilities, HOA website, HOA Insurance, landscape maintenance for entrance, meeting space/snacks, volunteer time/gas, correspondence printing/postage, professional fees, governmental fees, bonding if applicable, reserves, lighting fixtures/timers/wiring/outdoor outlets/entrance holiday decorations, sprinkler system, PO box rental. 

The approximate breakdown is as follows:

Landscape mowing 32%

HOA Insurance (HOA/Directors liability)  27%

Entrance utilities 9%

Landscaping ‘other’ 8%

(lighting fixtures/timers/wiring/outdoor outlets/entrance holiday decorations, sprinkler system)  

HOA website hosting 6%

Meeting space/snacks 4%

Correspondence printing/postage 4%

Reserves 4%

Professional fees/governmental fees 2%

Bonding, if applicable, by annual vote 2%

PO box rental  1%

Q: How do I know If I’ve paid my dues?   

A: Email us.

Q: When are dues payable?   

A: Jan 1, every year.

Q: Are dues collected Annual or Monthly?  

A: Annually.

Q: Are dues paid in arrears?

A: No, dues are paid in advance.

Q: What is the history of dues? 

A: $40.95 in 2018; $39.00 in 2017; $37.50 from 2010-2016

Q: Are dues mandatory?  

A: Yes, per Florida Statute.

Q: Can dues go up?  

A: Yes, up to 5% per year per Covenants, more if by vote.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my dues? 

A: We can charge 12% interest, send ‘Demand Letters’ typically via an attorney, as well as place a lien on the property.

Q: I received a Notice that I have NOT paid my dues for this and/or past years from the HOA and/or the HOA's attorney, but I know I DID pay!

A: First, DON'T panic!  If you believe we are in error, please let us know via email the month(s)/year(s) you sent payment and what kind of payment was made (Check/PayPal/Money Order/Cash). Ideally, send a copy of any cancelled Check(s) and/or PayPal/Cash/Money Order receipt(s) to our email, but it's not absolutely necessary - except in cases where we can't find a corresponding deposit/cashed check on our end.  If we are in error, we will apologize for the mishap and amend our records to reflect payment and respond in writing as such.  We strive for perfection, but sometimes fall short.

Q: What penalty is there for late dues?

A: At minimum, we will charge 12% interest after 30 days per Covenants, plus possibly a late fee as well IF we vote for such a penalty at our annual meeting.  Breckenridge (A 266 unit HOA off Park Ave) charges a $5 late fee per month, up to $60, for example.  PLUS  an attorney is necessary - we can add our attorney fee(s), if any, to your dues, penalties and interest, which could be hundreds more.  You will be given notice prior to attorney involvement, then a "Demand Letter" via attorney, then a lien if needed.

Q: Are there hardship cases for late dues? 

A: At a very low $40.95 per year ($3.40 per month!), we have no policy as such, but contact us, and we will consider.



Q: When is trash day?  

A: Monday

Q: When should I pull my trash can back?  

A: By the next day, or the City will fine non-compliant owners/renters.

Q: How do I get rid of bulky items, furniture, electronics, beds, construction materials, large branches, etc.?  

A: The City has many requirements, and in some cases, you must make a special request - although most are free services.

Q: What if I need to throw away electronics or paint?

A: Solid Waste Services will not pick up televisions or hazardous materials (including paint). Instead, take these to the landfill - 7550 Apalachee Parkway. 

Q: When is yard waste picked up?

A: Thursday of "blue week" is yard trash day. Download "red/blue week" calendar from under "Solid Waste Service".

Q: Why wasn’t my yard waste picked up?

A: In order for yard waste to be picked up on the designated day:

Items must be placed within 3 feet of the curb, away from low-hanging wires or trees for the crane to reach them.

Keep items to be collected away from obstacles like mailboxes, fences, poles, vehicles, etc.

Separate yard waste from bulky items to be collected. They go in separate trucks.

Bag or box loose items such as leaves, pine straw, cut grass or small twigs.

Piles for collection must be no larger than 6 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet deep; limbs must not have a diameter greater than 4 inches.


Q: Who owns/maintains the wall between our units?  

A: Each unit owns/maintains its respective exterior side – If you can look through a section of wall and would see 'inside' one or the other unit, that’s the owner of that respective exterior wall.  The area in between is hard to say, is somewhat of a legal issue.


Q: When/where/how often do you have meetings?  

A: Varies by needs of residents/schedules of volunteers.  Usually at Towne East Baptist Church at  7:00 pm.  There will be a sign at the entrance and posted at top of this page.

Q: Who can attend the meetings?

A: Any owner and/or renter and/or regular guest. 

Q: What’s your phone #?  

A: We don't have an office phone, please email us.

Q: How often do you check your HOA email?  

A: One of us tries to check it daily. 

Q: Who’s on the Board/Committees?  

A: See our website "Board of Directors" Section.

Q: Who is your lawn service and are they insured/bonded?  

A: Yes, Curtis Hayes, Owner - Hayes Outdoor Lawn Concepts, LLC - 2813 Topaz Way, Tallahassee, FL 32309; State ID:L13000126491 - (850) 656-6962

Q: Where can I see the Covenants and Restrictions?  

A: OR 1485/02373 View our Covenants

Q: Do you have, or have you ever considered, hiring a Professional HOA Management Company?  

A: These companies charge about $300-$600 per month ($3,600-$7,200 per year) to handle even basic functions then hiring a corporation would likely raise dues significantly.  Since our annual dues Revenue ($40.95 times 154 units) amounts to $6,300 per year, and our typical annual Expenses run about $5,400 per year, that only leaves a cushion of about $900 per year for Reserves/repairs/replacement/entrance improvements, etc.  If our Insurance or any other line item were to increase for some reason, the cushion could disappear fast.  We are slowly raising dues with the intent of saving enough to one day to be able to afford hiring a company at some point.   Our neighborhood is bigger than you think – 154 units is allot to manage and is costly as a result.  For comparison, these neighborhoods are off Park Avenue:  Breckenridge has 283, Park Brooke Crossing has 85, Meeting Street has 43.

Q: Does the HOA pay/file taxes?  

A: The HOA files a one page tax form 1120-H, but all income (dues) is tax exempt, so no taxable events occur - we have never received a tax refund, nor have we owed/paid any taxes.  

Q: Who do you bank with?  

A: Capital City Bank, Appalachee Parkway Branch.

Q: Where do you keep the HOA records?

A: Our HOA Records (annual budgets, expenses, income, etc) are kept electronically for 7 years (or more), and some documents are in paper form as well.  Copies of electronic records are kept in more than one place and are accessible by more than one person on the Board and are kept as up to date as possible at all times, and are available for inspection by homeowners per request without charge in most cases. 


Q: What attorney do you use, when/if needed?

A: We have had minimal use of attorneys, but when we do, we shop around for the best price/service for each task, and we use a local attorney if possible.

Q: Do you have any written contracts with vendors/professionals for ongoing services?

A: No, the lawn company has an informal agreement based on years of ongoing service, but is not in writing.  They have not raised rates in several years.  We shop for best price/service for repairs, maintenance, professional services, etc as needed.  The Board installed landscape lights with 'do it yourself' off the shelf equipment bought at Lowes and Home Depot to save financial resources.  The main entrance lights were replaced in 2014 from Tallahassee Lighting.

Q: The street names are confusing, can we change that?

A: No, the City requires a 75% majority vote per street, plus charges a $50 fee per address, so it's not practical.


Q: Do you have a Neighborhood Watch?
A: Not yet, but we are in discussions to start one.  That being said, many people regularly walk the neighborhood and informally let us know of any issues, concerns and/or suspicious activity.


Q: What are most common issues the HOA regulates?

A: Entrance, street facing exterior paint colors/roof colors/window types, fencing, lawn decor/maintenance issues.

Q: I see an abandoned car/graffiti/suspicious activity/street light out/pothole/street sign missing/damaged, sidewalk cracks, trash can not out of view - what do I do? 

A: Contact City at


Q: Oh no, my car has been towed!  How do I pick it up?  

A: Contact the City at


Q: My neighbor’s dog is barking, off leash, etc.

A: Call Animal Control at 891-2950.  There are City ordinances regarding bad dog, barking, and owners cleaning dog waste.

Q: How much does Hayes Lawn Care charge for individual homes? 

A: Call him at (850) 545-6139, but typically, $25/month.  Mail checks to: 66 Gaffney Side Road, Monticello, FL 32344.  Other companies are out there, so shop around, but he's been dependable for us.

Q: I can't see anything!

A: Street Lights (850) 891-4968

Q: Bzzzzz

A: Mosquito Control (850) 487-3174

Q: Police?

A: Police Department Non-Emergency Requests (850) 891-4200; CALL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES

Q: Trash & Recycle info?

A: (850) 891-4968

Q: I'm sick and can't move my trash bin.

A: Apply for City to move containers to/from curb - Helping Hands Program (850) 891-4968.

Q: Who is responsible if a tree falls?  

A: That's a legal issue - consult a qualified attorney if possible.  

That being said, your insurance carrier may reimburse you when a tree falls, less a deductible.  If it fell during a hurricane, you can usually claim Act of God.  Courts suggest owners inspect trees / call an expert to determine if they are safe.  In order for negligence to be found, the injured neighbor would have to file suit.  Most cases require research/expert testimony, which can be expensive.  Even if a lawsuit is made, a tree owner can use the Act of God and/or Contributory Negligence defense, which says if a tree limb/root hovers over a neighbor’s property, that neighbor could have cut the offending root or limb themselves.  Most tree removals/trims, before or after they fall, are a few hundred dollars, so weigh potential attorney/court costs against other forms of potential resolution before taking action.  The HOA won't/can't be involved at ANY point in the process, since it's a private landowner legal issue and we can't give legal advice, since we're not attorneys.   


Q: Who owns/maintains the mailboxes/mailbox keys?  

A: The USPS.  


Q: Who maintains the street/gutters/streetlights/sidewalks/curbs/retaining pond?  

A: The City handles all of these.

Q: Who owns the fence in between/back side of townhomes?  

A: That depends on your Survey.


CAN I?...

Q: Can I /do I need to get HOA pre-approval to re-roof/repair, re-paint home, add landscaping, add/repair/replace back/side/front fencing/decking/siding?  

A: Yes, any exterior change needs to be pre-approved - Email us.

Q: Can I have temporarily guests park in the area?  

A: Yes, your driveway or in between ‘No Parking’ signs.

Q: Can I put a chain link fence or other non-wood fence divider on/in my front/side/backyard? 

A: No.

Q: Can I have a window AC unit? 

A: No.

Q: Can I fence my front yard?  

A: No.

Q: Can I have a trailer and/or RV and/or boat?  

A: No.

Q: Can I park on my grass?  

A: No.

Q: Can I park over a sidewalk?  

A: No.

Q: Can I have more than 2 cars per driveway?  

A: No.

Q: Can I do automotive/mechanical repairs/maintenance on my property?  

A: No.

Q: Can I grow my lawn very tall?  

A: No, the City will fine.

Q: Can I see the City Code web address / Phone #? 


Phone: (850) 891-7001 option 3

Q: Can I see a list of Common City Code Violations?  


Q: Can I grow my bushes and trees very high and/or thick?  

A: Yes, the City doesn’t regulate, but HOA prefers well-trimmed trees/bushes for safety/animal control issues.

Q: Can I have long-term advertising, solicitation signs?  

A: No.

Q: Can I have short term ‘Open House’ or ‘Garage Sale’ or ‘For Rent / Sale’ signs?  

A: Yes.

Q: Can I have solar panels on my property?  

A: Yes, but please ask permission for type/quantity.

Q: Can I have metal/aluminum/wood/tile and/or atypical colored roofs installed (i.e. red, green, blue, orange, yellow, stark white)? 

A: No.

Q: Can I have a DirecTV/DISH/Xfinity/satellite TV dish?  

A: Yes, unless you are a tenant and your lease says otherwise.


Q: Can I own/operate a home-based business?  

A: Yes, but ONLY if it doesn’t generate significant foot/auto traffic/noise/odor/storage/signage/large truck parking and/or complaints, etc. (and also only if allowed by your lease).

Q: Can my doggie do their business wherever they please?  

A: No, please take them outside of the neighborhood and/or into the drainage ditch area, but caution - watch for snakes!  

Q: Can I have Natural Gas appliances?  

A: No, we don’t have natural gas pipelines in the neighborhood.

Q: Can I see a list of approved sidings?  

A: Generally, T-111 plywood, vinyl, plank boards are ok, but ALL types must be approved in advance as well as color choice.

Q: Can you tell me about any crime in the area?  

A: Yes, there have been isolated incidents of non-residents taking items from unlocked cars/homes and unsecured yard items, but aside from unsecured item petty theft, nothing is pervasive.  Report suspicious activity, crime, stray dogs, dogs without leash, aggressive driving, suspected drug trade to the Tallahassee Police/Animal Control/Code Enforcement as applicable and email the HOA as well.  


Q: Can I have a storage shed? 

A: No, per Covenants.  

Q: My neighbor has had a shed for years. 

A: Your neighbor has been grandfathered in.

Q: Can I extend my driveway to add a parking space for a third car? 

A: No.

Q: Do I need permission to remove trees from my yard?

A: Maybe.  The City has rules and they may require a permit and/or not allow it, but you don't need pre-approval from the HOA.

Q: Do I have to remove dead trees from my yard? 

A: Yes, the City requires it.  They will fine if not removed.

Q: Does the City have dog ordinances?

A: Yes,

Animal Control: (850) 891-2958

Q: Where can I adopt a pet?



Q: Can I have a political sign?

A: HOA Covenants prohibit all kinds of signs, however, we will allow as an exception limited political signage unless it gets out of hand and billboards start appearing.


Q: Can I have a dog kennel/run in my back yard?

A: No, as they are made of chain link fence, which is prohibited.

Q: Can I have a bonfire/campfire and burn yard waste?

A: Preferably not, but if wanted, see City setback requirements/rules  

Q: Will HOA get involved in a noise/tree/pet/parking/other dispute with a neighbor?

A: It depends, if a Code/Covenant issue is involved, yes, but only in a limited way.  Working it out yourselves if possible is best, then City Code Enforcement should be your next best resource. 

Q: What are sales prices like (as of 3/19/18):

420 RICHVIEW PARK CIR  11/13/2017  $113,000

2820 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 09/15/2016 $102,000

2914 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 09/07/2017 $112,000

2918 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 12/22/2017 $115,000

381 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 05/19/2017 $108,000

411 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 06/15/2017 $107,000

2913 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 09/29/2017 $104,000

413 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 11/08/2017 $117,900

464 RICHVIEW PARK CIR 07/25/2017 $115,000


Q: What are home selling times? 

A: Usually 1-3 months, assuming it’s in good condition.

Q: What are rent prices in the area

A: $875-$975+ is typical, depending on condition/renovations done.

Declaration of Covenants Summary:


  • Dues can increase 5% max without a vote; 2/3 needed if more than 5% raise wanted.
  • 60% is a quorum.
  • If dues not paid in 30 days, then shall bear 12% interest.
  • Dues liens are subordinate to lien mortgages.
  • Architectural Committee must have 3 people or more.
  • No temporary structure - shack, barn, garage, storage shed can be constructed.
  • No signs of any kind.
  • No antenna(s) without consent.
  • No recreational vehicles.
  • No laundry, bedding on fences.
  • No fence built closer than 15 feet from front corner of any home.
  • Covenants last 20 years (90% vote to alter), auto extend every 10 years (75% vote to alter).



Richview Park is a Great Neighborhood

Please remember, these homes are Private Property. Richview Park is not an Apartment Complex.

Below are some rules from the Deed Restrictions, which apply to all owners, tenants, and guests in Richview Park.

1. Parking is very limited in Richview Park. Most homes have only TWO parking spaces.

You can legally park on the street, as long as you do not park in intersections, on sidewalks, block mailboxes, or park in front of fire hydrants. These actions can result in Fines and/or Towing. If you block driveways, or clog streets, you also face towing.

Advise your guests that they cannot park in "any available space". Parking in a neighbor's driveway may result in towing; and under some circumstances, it may constitute criminal trespass.

2. Parties, Noise, and Disturbing the Peace. The majority of residents in Richview Park are State workers, professionals, and serious college students. This is NOT the place for loud partying or other disruptive behavior.  TPD has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Parties and Disturbances - they will cite or arrest someone.

3. Clutter, Debris, Un-Mowed Yards, and other Nuisances.

Richview Park is a well-kept neighborhood. Please join your neighbors in keeping yards mowed, keeping yards and porches free of clutter, and not throwing junk or yard waste on the curb except on Collection Days (see the City Website for pick-up days).

4. Trailers, Boats, RV's, Campers, etc. are NOT allowed to be parked or stored in Richview Park.

5. Exterior Appearance of your Home may not be changed in any way, without Written Consent of the Richview Park Homeowners' Association Board of Directors. This includes painting, porch columns, shutters, roof styles, banners, fences, or any other physical change to the appearance of your property.

6. Speeding, Careless Driving, and Loud Music in Cars. These are all violations of the Law. There are many pedestrians, dog-walkers, and others in Richview Park. Drive Carefully, please.

7. Posted Speed Limit is 25 MPH

There are many pedestrians in Richview Park.
* * * Thanks for using Caution and obeying the Speed Limit * * * *

Speed Limits on Nearby Streets:  be aware that Tallahassee Police Department is seriously enforcing the 35 MPH speed limit on Park Avenue and Blair Stone Road. TPD Motorcycle Officers and Squad Cars are frequently parked at the Bridge over the Black Lake, they are parked near Reece Park Lane, and at several other locations. Observe the speed limit and save yourself an expensive speeding ticket.


 Richview Park 
Post Office Box 15512
Tallahassee, Florida 32317 



2018 Homeowners Dues Notice:

2018 Annual Dues $40.95

2017 Annual Dues $39.00

2012-2016 Annual Dues $37.50